About Us

Tysen Technologies Private Limited was established in April 2010 by a team of materials handling specialists. The team has more than 18 years of experience in providing material storage and handling solutions to a wide spectrum of industries.

Besides Singapore, the team has had the experience implementing solutions in other Far East countries, comprising China, Taiwan, Korea, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Backed by a list of globally renown principals, Tysen Technologies, though newly established, has the confidence of its principals to represent them and to advance their presence & interest in Asia together.

Tysen Technologies is honored to represent Air Tube Technologies Ltd, UK (www.airtubegroup.com); Sentry Protection LLC, USA (www.sentrypro.com); AUTOMHA S.r.l, Italy (www.automha.it); ICEM Srl, Italy (www.icem.it); Waspbarcode, USA (www.waspbarcode.com); Galizia S.n.c, Italy (www.galiziagru.com); FMH Conveyors, UK (www.bestconveyors.co.uk); ILMAG S.a.s, Italy (www.ilmag.it); DEA Italian Worklab srl, Italy (www.deaworklab.it); EP Equipment, China (www.ep-ep.com); L P International Inc., USA (www.powermate.info); Parcelcube, Finland (www.parcelcube.com); A-Safe Barrier System, UK (www.asafe.com); SKB Storage Industries Sdn Bhd, Malaysia (www.skb-shutters.com); CEABIS, Italy (www.ceabis.it); Willach Group, Germany (www.willach-pharmacy-solutions.com); Villard, France (www.villard-medical.com); Impact Recovery Systems Inc., USA (www.impactrecovery.com) and Pentamaster Corporation Bhd, Malaysia (www.pentamaster.com.my).

We also supply conventional racking systems according to specifications.