Introducing The New Urban Warrior: EPT20-ET & EPT16-ET Urban Terrain Electric Pallet Truck By EP


New from EP-Equipment (Big Joe), the EPT20/16-ET series is the latest full electric pallet truck made for negotiating tough urban terrain.  Built with a small turning radius and a shock absorbing chassis, this urban warrior moves through narrow city walkways and rides silkily on uneven asphalt and tiled surfaces.  

Made with a carrying capacity of 2000kg, the EPT20-ET is more than adequate to move heavy pallets of beverages and grocery supplies.  

Rated with 1600kg load capacity, the EPT16-ET comes additionally with a set of patented roll-over load wheels, enabling the pallet truck to ride over the road-side plinth of up to 100mm high to land on the pedestrian pavement.

Designed for easy access for maintenance, wearable parts like the batteries and tires can be promptly replaced, cutting maintenance cost and downtime.  Contact us for more information and learn how the EPT20-ET or the EPT16-ET can be your urban logistics' work horse.

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