MIMA TFB 4-Way (Multi Directional) Reach Truck - Purchase & Rental Available


We are pleased to be working with MIMA Forklift, a brand name of Hefei Banyitong Science & Technology Developing Co. Ltd of China, to promote its range of special application material handling fork trucks.

We will be introducing MIMA TFB 4-Way Multi-Directional Forklift Reach Truck.  This reach truck is the solution to lift and move long profile goods through a narrow aisle or doorway laterally.  With a nominal lift capacity of 2.5 ton lifting to 3m high (500mm load center), the TFB can lift over 6m high with a residual load capacity of 1.2 ton.  Wider fork carriage and fork positioners can be specified to enhance load stability when lifting and moving long goods.  

Using Curtis (USA) AC drive and lift controllers, the operator can precisely maneuver the TFB 4-Way Reach Truck in tight narrow aisle laterally and and have accurate control of the lifting and placement of goods onto the cantilever racks    

We are ready offer the options to lease or to purchase the TFB reach truck and to support the fleet post-sales with trained technicians and stocking of spare parts.   Call us now at 66593682 for more information.