Parcelcube - Cube Dimensioning & Weighing Instrument


We are pleased to be working with Parcelcube of Finland to promote its cube dimensioning & weighing instrument.  

Parcelcube cancels the need to measure a box manually using a measuring tape and takes the readings of its 3 dimensions instantaneously & accurately.  The weight of the cube will also be taken at the same time. Connected to a PC installed with the Parcelcube software by an USB port, a label with the dimensions and weight of the box can be quickly printed.  A CSV text file can also be exported and be received by a WMS server.  Dimensions and weights of new inbound articles can be recorded by the WMS immediately.  

Parcelcube is relevant for 3-PL stockists, courier service & postal service companies, WMS (Warehouse Management System) integration, e-commerce businesses, etc....

Call us for an introduction demonstration.  

Download e-Flyer Here