Q-Track (USA) - SafeSpot Collision Avoidance System - Enhancing Workplace Safety


Q-Track’s SafeSpot Collision Avoidance System reduces accidents in the workplace.



  • increases warning time
  • installs easily
  • requires no maintenance
  • eliminates the need for works to wear tags
  • non-line of sight sensors immune to visual blocking from loads
  • unlike PIR sensors, works at high temperatures and has no coverage gaps
  • works in blind spots and around corners
  • strong return on investment

SafeSpot warning lights take inputs from a built-in proximity sensor to detect the presence of tagged forklifts, reliably alert against potential collisions around blind-spots.  Detection distance can be programmed between the range of 5m & 12m.  An audible alarm can also be added to alert drivers and pedestrians.  

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