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The all new 2020 Collision Sentry® detects crossing traffic and warns the forklift operator and pedestrian of a potentially dangerous situation.

Following the successes of the CLN-A-160 and CLN-A-165, the new CLN-200 provides a more visible flashing light and a louder warning buzzer.   It activates by flashing the LED lights and sounding a buzzer if crossing motions are detected on both sides of a corner, between 7m & 9m.  The CLN-200 will not activate if only motion is detected on one approaching side.

Uses 3 size D dry cell batteries, no expensive wiring works are required and a fresh set of batteries are expected to last for 6 months.  

Collision Sentry CLN-200 can be easily & promptly attached to the upright post of the rack frame using magnets. 

Download Collision Sentry e-flyers here