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Talk to us for your specific protection, safety and evacuation guidance requirements. Besides offering physical barriers, bollards and bumpers for pedestrians and assets protection, we also offer collision avoidance systems using radio wave technologies where physical protection solutions are not practical to implement.  


  • A-Safe


    All A-Safe barriers are flexible and return to their normal shape if they get hit. They don't rust or corrode, don't need to be repainted if they get scratched, and they minimise damage to your floor if an accident happens.

  • BodyGuard


    BodyGuard® i-Tag system uses the latest technology to significantly reduce the risk of collision between moving vehicles and pedestrians in the workplace. The system helps to overcome typical risk caused by factors such as driver inattention, poor visibility and worker non-compliance with exclusion areas around vehicles.

  • Knuffi


    In the middle of the Knuffi profile is a core made of polyurethane foam. This is sheathed in polyurethane foil, which is fixed in place by foaming during production. By using reverse printing on the inward-facing side of the foil, the foil itself protects the paint so that the warning colours remain in place even if heavy abrasion takes place.



    Optical safety guidance systems according to ASR A3.4/3 are always "low location" systems. During a fire, the least smoke area will be right above the ground level where Permalight's "low location" lighting system is best installed. Thick and dark smoke could quickly make above door EXIT signs invisible.

  • Sentry Protection

    Sentry Protection

    The all new 2020 Collision Sentry® detects crossing traffic and warns the forklift operator and pedestrian of a potentially dangerous situation.

  • TYRI Lights

    TYRI Lights

    The BluePoint and RedPoint warning LED lighting solution addresses safety concerns in a warehouse environment. This marker light shines a colored square on to the floor either behind or in front of the forklift and gives a visual warning of a machine approaching. This is particularly useful in a noisy environment where sirens may not be a sufficient warning.