Materials Handling Products

  • A-Lift


    Apex-11 Multi-Directional Forklift Truck by A-Lift. Lifts and moves long loads side ways, saves space and improves handling productivity.

  • EP Equipment

    EP Equipment

    EP-Equipment (Big Joe) offers a comprehensive range of stackers, reach trucks, order pickers, hand and power pallet trucks, electric and diesel forklift trucks. In addition, EP-Manhand offers a full range of manual handling equipment including load skates, fork attachments, scissor lift trolleys, drum lifters, load positioners, aerial work platforms and dock levellers

  • Flexi VNA Articulated Warehouse Truck

    Flexi VNA Articulated Warehouse Truck

    Flexi Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) Forklift, United Kingdom. Works in aisles as narrow as 1.8mW, load to load across the aisle. Standard triplex wide view mast. Rubber tires for indoor and outdoor use.

  • FMH Conveyors

    FMH Conveyors

    Made in the United Kingdom, FMH Conveyors are reconfigurable, easily link flexible, powered and rigid modules together to make loading and unloading trailers faster and more efficient.

  • PowerMate


    The PowerMate® motorized stair-climbing hand truck does 100% of the lifting, virtually eliminating risk of back injury while reducing the effort to move heavy, awkward loads by more than 87%!

    PowerMate® hand trucks safely move products up & down stairs, on & off delivery vehicles, loading docks, and in & out of buildings.

    Call us for free demonstration.

  • Xilin


    Wide range of Xilin reach trucks & stackers to meet your specific warehouse handling needs. Let us design your warehouse or store to maximize storage capacity with the correct handling truck.

Storage Solution Products



    Complete range of racking products. Call us for selective pallet racking, drive in, push back and cantilever racks.



    DEA creates high class automobile workshop design to meet customer's specific needs. Maximum attention is given to the slightest details and has the ultimate goal of achieving and delivering the best possible technical and economic results.



    Besides Vertical Carousels, ILMAG Italy also offers rail-free mechanical and electrical mobile shelving systems. Simple and fast to install and easy to maintain.



    With Compact Vertical Storage Lifts, we transform all of your stock handling. You obtain faster and simpler handling of more items in a significantly smaller area. At the same time, your staff receive considerably improved working conditions.



    Willach FAMA Drawer and Shelving System, your solutions for a better organized pharmacy. Let us assist you to configure your pharmacy to achieving higher productivity, picking accuracy with Willach's space saving FAMA series.

Protection & Safety Solution Products

  • A-Safe


    All A-Safe barriers are flexible and return to their normal shape if they get hit. They don't rust or corrode, don't need to be repainted if they get scratched, and they minimise damage to your floor if an accident happens.

  • BodyGuard


    BodyGuard® i-Tag system uses the latest technology to significantly reduce the risk of collision between moving vehicles and pedestrians in the workplace. The system helps to overcome typical risk caused by factors such as driver inattention, poor visibility and worker non-compliance with exclusion areas around vehicles.

  • Knuffi


    In the middle of the Knuffi profile is a core made of polyurethane foam. This is sheathed in polyurethane foil, which is fixed in place by foaming during production. By using reverse printing on the inward-facing side of the foil, the foil itself protects the paint so that the warning colours remain in place even if heavy abrasion takes place.



    Optical safety guidance systems according to ASR A3.4/3 are always "low location" systems. During a fire, the least smoke area will be right above the ground level where Permalight's "low location" lighting system is best installed. Thick and dark smoke could quickly make above door EXIT signs invisible.

  • Sentry Protection

    Sentry Protection

    The all new 2020 Collision Sentry® detects crossing traffic and warns the forklift operator and pedestrian of a potentially dangerous situation.

  • TYRI Lights

    TYRI Lights

    The BluePoint and RedPoint warning LED lighting solution addresses safety concerns in a warehouse environment. This marker light shines a colored square on to the floor either behind or in front of the forklift and gives a visual warning of a machine approaching. This is particularly useful in a noisy environment where sirens may not be a sufficient warning.

Hospital & Mortuary Equipment



    CEABIS is a leading company in the medical and health refrigeration industry, in the furnishing of supplies for morgue and obituary and in manufacturing and distributing medical and funerary products.

  • Villard-Medical


    Founded in 1947 in le Mans - France, Villard is one of the leading company in designing, manufacturing and selling hospital medication carts, emergency carts, treatment carts and anesthesia carts. A comprehensive range of accessories are available for selection to add on to the carts to meet specific application requirements.

Customised Solutions



    Unit & Mini Load automated storage & retrieval systems by Automha, Italy.

    Solutions for a wide variety of applications across a diverse range of industries. We offer ASRS for handling pallets, totes and customized trays.

  • icem


    ICEM offers a wide range of highly customized special application stackers and power pallet trucks to meet challenging materials handling requirements.

  • MiRETTi


    Miretti is a World Leader in the explosion-proof technology conversion of equipment destined to operate in potentially explosive atmospheres.

  • Pentamaster


    Regardless of industry or application, the requirements for automation are universal. Across our extensive range of products, our robotic solutions deliver distinct technical advantages: compact size, broad work envelopes, high speed, precision, resistance to all types of environments and, above all, the flexibility to adapt to the greatest number of tasks.


  • Parcelcube


    Parcelcube measures the 3-dimensions of a cube and its weights instantaneously & accurately. Using a PC based Parcelcube software, a label with the dimensions and weight can be printed quickly. A CSV text file can also be exported and be received by a WMS server. Dimensions and weights of new inbound articles can be recorded by the WMS immediately.

Software Solutions

  • Wasp Barcode Technologies

    Wasp Barcode Technologies

    Wasp Inventory Control for small businesses. Increase profitability with an automated, user-friendly approach to inventory management. Real-time (RF) provides the ability to accurately track inventory without the expense of a system typically reserved for large businesses.