1-STOP Materials Handling & Storage Solutions

If you are looking for solutions to lift & move your materials & to store them, we can assist you to configure your warehouse & workshop to optimize storage space and suggest the best equipment to handle your materials.  

  • Materials Handling

    Equipment & solutions to handle materials of all sorts of sizes, shapes and weights.

  • Storage

    Racking, shelving, long span, boltless racks, rack supported platform & mezzanine floor to suit your storage needs.

  • Protection and Safety

    Wide range of protection and safety barriers and evacuation guidance solutions for warehouse & production facilities.  

  • Hospital & Mortuary Equipment

    A wide & comprehensive range of hospital & mortuary storage & handling equipment.

  • Customised Solutions

    Integrated solutions to meet your specific storage & handling requirements.

  • Instruments

    Instruments that can integrate with any enterprise WMS (Warehouse Management System) to measure cubic dimensions and weight.

  • Software Solutions

    Integrated software solutions to meet your specific storage need.

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